Projects management

Many small and medium enterprises face many difficulties and problems during the first year. In some projects, these difficulties may extend to the next year, and in the end, they lead to the failure of the entire project.
Which raises questions, What are the direct reasons that may lead to the failure of a project characterized by a unique idea, a distinctive feasibility study and sound marketing?
The simple answer is project management. Because project management is more important than the project itself, Percentage provides project management services with the highest efficiency through a specialized administrative team, But how do you define management?

Management can be defined as
Direction: Through correct management, project resources can be redirected in the ideal way and with the highest possible efficiency.
Management of changes: wise and correct management is the one that can manage and manage the changes that occur in the market for the benefit of the project and achieve benefits from it.
Leadership: Leading the employees and those in charge of the project to obtain the best performance and provide the appropriate work environment.
The art of dealing: You may encounter a manager with a great deal of experience, but he lacks the art of dealing with employees, which turns him into a failed manager. Successful management is the one that has the art of dealing with employees.
One of the most important characteristics of small and medium enterprises is that the impact of management appears quickly on the performance of the project, which is considered a major defect in the event that management fails. And a very important feature of the project if the management is successful and realizes the importance of correct management.

What are the project management evaluation criteria?

  • Objectives: If your organization achieves the desired goals, it is because of successful management.
  • Problems: Management’s ability to deal with problems and efficiently manage crises and turn them into something positive or reduce losses.
  • the performance: The performance of the employees and the extent of their enthusiasm towards the work, which stems from their satisfaction towards the management and the institution in general, which raises the overall performance of the project.
  • Exploitation: Proper management of the project is what enables you to exploit new opportunities in the labor market.

    Failed management: There are some signs that appear in the project if the management is failing and suffering from poor achievement of the goals for which it works. The most important of these signs are:

    • Miscalculation of the project and the extent of its ability and making reckless decisions that do not fit the real size of the project.
    • Failure to respond to requests and questions, that the employee needs in order to be able to provide the service in the best way.
    • Lack of financial control over the project, inputs and outputs through the provision of appropriate people and financial management who can provide distinguished financial and accounting services.
    • Failure to develop employees in the project and set key goals to improve their performance.
    • Slow reaction to crises and failure to find solutions to reduce losses or come out with gains
    • Giving special privileges to employees unjustly or without reference to the extent of their influence at work.
    • Not providing any alternative plan in the event of developments in the situation, such as the Corona crisis, which caused the closure and stumbling of many projects that were not ready with an alternative plan.

    Management of faltering projects
    : After the Corona crisis, many projects faltered due to management or because of the crisis, but the end was the same, which is the stumbling and failure of projects, and even the borrowing of their owners in the event that the project was funded by any different financing agency.

How can failure be overcome and the project's market share be restored?

To find solutions, you must first identify the problems that led to stumbling, such as:

  • A comprehensive assessment of the condition of your product or service before and after the crisis, and to identify the changes that occurred
  • Standing on the inputs and outputs, determining the expenses for your project, directing them optimally, and giving up some of the luxuries that you provided to your employees before the crisis.
  • Analyze the market and find out how far your competitors are outperforming you to stand up and define a roadmap to follow the same path to reach them again and start from there, Because in the business world, you don’t have to start from scratch, just start where others left off.
  • Study the functional and organizational structure of the organization and identify the most influential individuals in your organization.
  • Determine your ability to produce and the overall performance of the staff.
  • Reaching an agreement with the financing authority that leads to scheduling the remaining debts on the project so that they are in line with your studies, your future outlook, and the costs of restarting the project again.

Based on that point, and after the studies mentioned, you were able to identify the problems that stand in the way of the success of your project. It remains for you to implement and start again with a clear strategy represented in:

  • Determine the needs of the project to enter the competition again and regain the required position.
  • Redefine your target audience and look for changes in your stumble.
  • Allocate part of your budget and plan for marketing in general and e-marketing in particular.
  • Calculating the variables and risks that may arise in the labor market again and preparing a backup plan in case of an emergency.

To avoid all these administrative obstacles in achieving the goals, you must provide several main conditions, such as:

  • Clarifying the main vision of the project since its inception.
  • Lack of information or lack of interest Familiarity with all the information that your organization lacks.

If you cannot achieve all the steps previously mentioned, then you need specialists such as Percentage Company because we specialize in managing small and medium projects and managing faltering projects while finding solutions to crises efficiently, With making the most appropriate and important investment decisions that require long experience in the field of business, With the provision of a comprehensive study of the steps that will be taken before commencing its implementation in addition to periodic reports that show you the continuity of work and stand on what has been achieved during the period of our administration.

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