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If you are looking for designing and programming smart phone applications for your project, you are in the right place, We take pride in providing the best software solutions because we work with the latest methods and are keen on continuous development.
We provide you with the best software solutions to turn your idea into reality, design and program smart phone applications for your project in an ideal way.

Create electronic applications

Applications are the next step in the business world. According to the latest statistics, the volume of financial transactions and e-commerce through applications reached up to $5 billion annually, an increase of 25% compared to before the Corona pandemic.

At Percentage, we always strive to provide new and innovative solutions and implement them in a way that suits the services you provide. Therefore, we offer you the service of creating electronic applications through a professional team of specialized developers.
But before proceeding to create an application, you must know the clear differences between applications and what is the use of each application!

What are the types of applications?

There are two main types of applications:

  • B2B applications: In short, they are business applications for business or for entrepreneurs to deal with each other, such as the supplier-factory relationship, or the wholesaler and factory, and there are many examples that provide such services, If you are a manufacturer or supplier and want to deal with corporate owners, you should choose applications that provide B2B service
  • B2C applications: It is the other type of application and the most widespread. In short, it is the application that connects the project with its target audience. That is, you will need this type of application if you provide your services directly with customers without the need for an intermediary, due to its ease of use and simplicity of its requirements.

What is the importance of creating an electronic application for your project?

  • Consumer data collection: When consumers register to enter your application, this allows you, “after obtaining customer approval, of course,” to obtain the data of consumers interested in your product or service, which makes it easier to target them in ads again and reach them easily.
  • Expanding the target area: The electronic application has no borders, which makes it more geographically widespread and makes trading your product from one customer to another very easy. Just click the download button and it will reach your customer wherever he is.
  • Payment method: A reliable payment method can be added to your electronic application, which allows the consumer to be very comfortable, while sipping some tea, to complete commercial operations easily and without any human intervention.

What are the advantages that you will get if you deal with Bursting and decide to make an electronic application through us?

  • We design an electronic application that fits the strength of your brand and supports it until you reach the goals you seek in terms of strength among competitors and in the labor market.
  • Designing an application suitable for all devices, whether mobile phones, tablets, laptops, or traditional computers.
  • You can get more profits when you publish your branded application on the various online stores “Apple Store – Play Store”.

Therefore, when there is an intention to create an electronic application related to your project, you must know its importance and the need to pay attention to all the details and work to avoid the mistakes that others went through and turn them into something positive that supports your position in the labor market and makes the application a strong support for you. Among those errors:

  • Creating a complex and not easy user interface for the customer, which would make customers reluctant to use the application and resort to competitors.
  • Failing to provide a clear marketing strategy for the application and acting indiscriminately without developing a clear plan to develop the performance of the application’s work in the future.
  • Relying on the number of impressions and downloads without focusing on the problems facing customers and their complaints or even the method of use may eventually lead to a significant loss in the volume of your customers.
  • Using only one platform to display your electronic application is one of the biggest mistakes that you may make after creating your electronic application, because it limits the number of your users, so your application must be displayed in all electronic stores “Play Store – Apple Store”
  • Not defining a single function for your application is one of the biggest problems facing business owners. One application cannot include all the work that you do, as this will distract your audience and make it difficult for them to deal with the application. For example, if you are a company specialized in the field of contracting, construction, and finishing, and you established the application on this basis and decided to expand your activity and open a restaurant, the application cannot include the two activities, as this will disperse customers. It is better to establish a different application for each activity of them.
  • Setting unrealistic goals is one of the biggest problems that entrepreneurs fall into, meaning that establishing and creating an electronic application requires an integrated team of programmers and specialized designers, and the spread of the application requires a clear marketing plan, Therefore, if you want to set a goal for the application, you must set realistic goals in terms of the number of downloads and the number of users based on the marketing plan, the target audience, and the target geographical area.


If you want to design an electronic application that will achieve the profits you seek in an easy and simple way
You will not find it! But if you want an elaborate work, you should know that we provide you with a specialized team whose mission is to fully supervise the design and implementation, while providing after-sales service through distinguished customer service, which will achieve the profits and spread that you seek.

Percentage is the best choice for you in designing electronic applications because we have real experience in the field of creating and designing applications. Ask about our ongoing services and offers on creating applications.

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