ISO certificates in The Kuwait

ISO specifications are issued by the International Organization for standardization ISO ، These specifications are a series of frameworks that help you and your organization manage your business effectively، An ISO certificate is considered to be a third-party proof، Your commitment to ISO standards and help the organization to confirm and ensure quality.
It is necessary to know that the world ISO organization does not grant ISO and its role involves issuing specifications and standards، The ISO certification process is carried out by accredited awarding bodies, which are called ISO Certification Body, which are independent bodies and carry out an audit as a neutral third party 3rd party audit.


The role of Percentag company in this field

Do you have a company, restaurant or business project that seeks quality, excellence and development among competitors?
Percentag financial and management consulting ، Help you achieve your goal
Percentag provides a range of advisory, financial and administrative services that support corporate sustainability and growth plans. It enables you to achieve your goals and get rid of obstacles to development

-We have more effective tax solutions and multiple options for obtaining tax consultations and preparing tax returns ، To avoid excessive taxes and take advantage of all opportunities
– In addition to financial and accounting solutions for companies by the system of follow-up and monthly visits

Percentag’s team of experts are professionals in conducting market and financial feasibility studies for local and multinational companies seeking to either enter the market or expand the existing structure.

And we will enable you to obtain international quality certificates (ISO) for your business, which was launched for a period of 3 years, including :
– Management quality certificate
– Food quality certificate
– Occupational Health and safety management quality certificate
– Environmental management quality certificate.
– Information security quality certificate
– Customer satisfaction quality certificate
– Risk management quality certificate
-PRC product packaging quality certificate

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The importance of applying quality systems and obtaining ISO accreditation

  • The ISO standard contributes to raising the competitiveness of the organization in front of competitors
  • ISO certification and quality have worldwide acceptance and recognition
  • They are recognized as a declaration of conformity to quality standards
  • Development of the management system in institutions and companies
  • Improve the image of the company in the eyes of customers and give them confidence in goods and services
  • Increasing the organization’s ability to apply for government tenders after obtaining ISO
  • Opening new markets, increasing sales and profits and improving quality, as countries require the exporter to obtain an ISO certificate
  • Increase the organization’s ability to comply with quality standards throughout the stages of product or service delivery
  • Understand the context of the organization and identify interested parties and their requirements after applying the ISO system
  • Identify potential opportunities and risks and develop effective actions to address those risks
  • Taking the necessary corrective measures in case of detection of nonconformities
  • The existence of a system of preventive actions to prevent problems before they occur, and corrective measures to solve any problems that appear or recur

What types of ISO certificate are suitable for your company

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