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The world is moving forward, so you have to hurry up and join the train of development by bypassing the traditional ways of selling, introducing yourself, and heading to websites.
Percentage is the right choice because we know how important a website is to you and we know how to create it without any kind of problems to ensure the best performance and highest profits.

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The world is moving forward, so you have to hurry up and join the train of development by bypassing the traditional ways of selling, introducing yourself, and heading to websites.
All major brands rely mainly on their websites, whether in advertising their products or even in advertising their services, because this increases the strength of the brand in addition to increasing the trust between it and its target audience, So creating your own website is no longer a luxury or an unnecessary increase. Rather, it has become one of the essentials for the success of your project. We at Percentage provide you with a website creation service, while providing all the means that lead to the success of your website, such as:

  • Design: The design may seem simple and ordinary, but in fact, according to the latest studies, 90% of the successful applications were successful because the website design is unique and suitable for the service provided.
  • Ease of use: Ease of use is one of the things that may attract more customers to you because, of course, if your audience finds your website complicated to use, they will not use it, but will not recommend it to anyone, and thus you will lose your current customer and a potential customer as well.
  • Servers: We provide you with powerful servers that can withstand the pressure of visitors, regardless of their number, with the highest possible performance, in order to make your website a primary destination for all audiences.
  • Customer Service: We provide you with distinguished customer service in order to ensure the continuation of work in the best way. We are not satisfied with the sales process only, but it is our role to provide you with after-sales service.

All of this and more is available with us at Percentage, but what are the basic steps that we need to take before we start building your website.

The main steps are as follows:

  1. We must meet with you and obtain a comprehensive answer to a set of questions about the products or services you provide in addition to the target audience. Add to that if you tend to some other websites that you find attractive to the public and want to approach them.
  2. Review all data and details through a team of content writers and designers to reach the best version of the site’s data to ensure the best performance.
  3. Start selecting designs and presenting them to the client to choose the most appropriate ones for the field and the target audience
  4. Start designing and dividing the site in an optimal way, in addition to placing data on the service or product provided by the customer.
  5. Showing the site to the client and operating it to the public.
  6. Percentage’s after-sales and customer service if you need it.

Benefits of designing a website or online store:

  • It works throughout the day: unlike regular traditional stores, online stores do not have a closing date and operate 24 hours a day and do not need seasonal or even weekly holidays.
  • Low costs: The cost of operating and operating electronic stores is much lower than the traditional ones, as electronic stores do not need to pay rent for the headquarters or to spend electricity, water, etc., in addition to the large workforce that must be present in traditional stores, but you will not need them in electronic stores.
  • Flexibility in dealing: With your website, you can easily modify your project data or the data and details of the products you offer on it without complications, in addition to completing financial transactions with ease.
  • Unlimited website: Your website is unlimited, meaning that you can put unlimited data about your project and products, regardless of the number of products or services you provide.
  • It works under any conditions: In the recent Corona pandemic, many projects that were dependent on traditional stores have failed and closed, but with the website, it works without worrying about the existence of a ban or the spread of epidemics, etc.
  • Gaining customer confidence: As we mentioned before, all international brands create websites to increase customer confidence in them, which will happen with your audience if you establish your website.
  • Expanding the scope of your business: If you create a traditional store, you will be governed by the geographical scope in which you operate, but in the event that you establish a website, it means that you expand your business geographically to whatever extent you prefer or like.
  • Different marketing methods: Marketing through online stores has many different methods that achieve large profits, such as leading the search engines SEO. Through specialists, you can lead the search engines in Google and reach any customer looking for the service or product that you provide, Also, there is SEM, which is the top search engines through ads in Google, so that your site always appears in front of your customer as long as he searches for the service you provide.

Here are some tips to keep in mind when building your website:

  •  Pay attention to the general appearance of the site.
  • Taking into account the ease of use for the customer.
  • Choose the colors of both the text and the background so that there is a difference between them and it is easy to see the content of the site.
  • Standardizing the type and size of texts on the site.
  • Use eye-friendly colors.
  • Settling on certain colors and not changing them.
  • No underlining of texts. or use italics.
  • Use short paragraphs and do not prolong.
  • Use simple and easy to understand language.
  • Providing the search feature on the site to facilitate the customer.
  • Dividing the site into sections according to services or products.

Conclusion: If you are looking for a specialized web design company to design your website, then Percentage is the right choice because we understand the importance of the site to you and we know how to create it without any kind of problem to ensure the best performance and achieve the highest profits.

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