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We work with available possibles, and we don't forget ambition

Our Vision

Achieving a distinctive and leading position in the field of consulting, administrative, marketing and training services, by helping all our clients to prosper their businesses.

Our Mission

Continuous growth of the company's position in the field of consulting and training services.And to become the destination of all entrepreneurs by taking advantage of our services. In addition to serving the community as a whole.

Our Values

percentage is a values-based organization, we consider our values as the driving foundation of our company, it is our philosophies that we use to guide us in making decisions.

Our Services

We seek to gain the trust of our clients and help them by providing a wide range of financial and tax services.

Administrative Services

Keep your business growing and running smoothly

Financial Advisory

Good planning is the foundation of all success

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Tax Advice

More effective tax solutions


Digital Transformation Services

Develop your business by trying new technology

Projects Management

Good project management is one of the most important components of the success and continuation of any project

Marketing Services

Good marketing of the enterprise is the basis for gaining the largest market share

mobile app

Electronic Applications

If you are looking to design smartphone apps for your project, you are in the right place


Website services

The world is moving forward, so you have to hurry up and join the train of evolution by heading to websites.

Why Choose Percentage?

– A qualified team of the best financial experts
– Professional tax and zakat specialists
– Experts in governance and compliance
– Distinctive mechanism of action
– We work with an effective and clear strategy
– Experience in various sectors
– Rational financial management
– A mechanism of action centered on the needs of the client


Feasibility study




Website and electronic application


Marketing Service


Accounting services


Years of Experience

We work as possible and do not forget ambition

We are here to help you!

  • Do you have a financial problem or study the feasibility of a new project
  • Do you want to avoid taxes and achieve a higher return
  • Do you want financial, management or accounting advice?
  • Are you interested in our services

Partners of Success

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