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What are our marketing services?

Percentage has an integrated team specialized in the field of e-marketing, Its mission is to achieve your goals in scientific and practical ways, so we provide all our marketing services to reach the desired success. Our marketing services are:

Managing accounts on social media:

Because your destination and your appearance in front of your customers is what determines the strength and weakness of the project. You must choose who manages your accounts on social networking sites. Simply because it is the main interface for you, through designs, written content, or even responses to customers, the way you display products, and how to deal with the target audience appropriately.

Advertising campaigns:

Advertising campaigns must be carefully studied to achieve their goals, and advertising campaigns consist of several factors that will lead to their success or failure. Targeting the appropriate audience is an essential element for achieving the desired goals of that campaign, in addition to choosing the appropriate content in making ads and an image that expresses and conveys the desired meaning.

Logo design and visual identity:

If you want to engrave your name in the minds of your audience, the logo or visual identity is a must to achieve the desired goal. Choosing an identity is related to your field, your target audience, and your competitors. Through a set of questions, Percentage specialists collect the required information and link it together so that we can produce for you a distinctive visual identity that satisfies your desire and is suitable for the labor market.

Marketing consulting services:

what a disappointment who consulted, Therefore, we offer you, through our specialists, our marketing advisory services that provide you with sufficient insight to gain more customers with the possibility of applying these consultations through us if you do not have the ability or ability to implement properly.

How important is marketing?

Marketing is the basis of the job market. Success is no longer dependent on the quality of the product or service provided to the public, but it has become more related to how to market that service in an ideal way with the quality of the product to ensure the highest result that can be obtained. The importance of marketing is represented in the following:

  • Gain more clients: In the science of marketing, customers are divided into three types (remote customer, potential customer, and existing customer).
    The potential customer, which is the customer who knows you exist, but has not used the product or service that you provide. To reach this customer, you need to use appropriate strategies, such as talking about the quality of the product on all platforms, in addition to the offers that are presented to the customer who uses the service for the first time, such as telecom companies that offer you imaginary offers if you start dealing with them and so on.
  • remote client: He is a customer who does not know anything about you and is not interested in the product or service that you provide. This customer has special marketing strategies represented in creating a need for the service or product that you provide. These strategies are carried out in stages, but in the end you will definitely reach your goal if you implement the steps of that strategy strictly.
  • Post more information about yourself: Increasing trust between you and your audience requires a great effort that can be shortened in the marketing process. Through your accounts on social media or your website, you can publish more information about you and your accredited certificates, which will increase confidence. You can also talk about the quality of your product, which will achieve more results. Profits and customers.
  • Reduce the cost of gaining more customers: The traditional methods of marketing used to cost the legislator a lot of money just to win more customers. But with e-marketing, reduce that cost even more. Because long-term strategies would plan to win more customers with minimal costs.

What are the most important types of e-marketing?

  • Marketing via social media platforms: Social media platforms have become open to all companies. Therefore, many companies have invested in this feature and are using it either to increase their communication with their customers or to advertise their products and services.
    We can say that marketing on social media focuses on creating exciting content to attract the largest number of potential customers and readers who share this content with their friends.
  • Email marketing: Email marketing is one of the most important tools for online communication.
    Certainly, this type is not a broad marketing like the rest of the tools offered by social networking sites, but in one way or another it has many great marketing features and capabilities.
  • Advertising marketing: One of the most important types of marketing means because of its spread on all the walls of websites, Where you can determine your marketing budget and place the appropriate advertisement for you on the targeted sites or programs to show those advertisements to your audience.
  • Content marketing: Content marketing refers to the marketing of providing quality content to users to generate sales and new leads. This content can exist anywhere and in many forms over the Internet, In tweets, videos and blogs on your content marketing website.

In addition to many other types of marketing related to websites and electronic applications that we also offer at Percentage , and each one differs from the other in terms of the type of application and the target audience in determining the most effective method.

Percentage is an agency and advertising company that plays its role as a partner in the business by harnessing all our capabilities and expertise in the field only in order to achieve the goal you seek and your marketing purpose, We are ready to give everything we have. Are you ready to succeed and launch into the business world at the speed of a rocket?

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