ISO 22000 certification

Food safety management certification
Anyone involved in the food industry should be aware of the benefits that ISO 22000 has on the processing, storage, manufacture and distribution of edible products. It keeps profits from decreasing and can be combined with other management system standards, such as ISO 9001, 2000, for maximum effects on quality.
Finding out if ISO 22000 is right for you and your organization is simple. It works for every company, regardless of size or location. Identifying best practices within your company will allow you to present results, convey confidence in all areas and convince stakeholders and consumers.

– When food safety practices fail, they can lead to dangerous and often very expensive consequences. To prevent possible problems before they occur by implementing food safety standards can save an organization from losing lawyer fees or even having to close its doors for good.

-These criteria allow defining responsibilities, tasks and schedules associated with them by creating a clear project plan; keep in mind that if something is working, it makes no sense to change it.

Why is ISO 22000 important to you?

As companies in the food industry prepare to face the challenges of the XXI century, they will need mechanisms to ensure the safety of their products and services, they will have to maintain and improve customer satisfaction and trust. As such, these companies need competent personnel with proven credentials to create, implement, audit and maintain measures that ensure food safety.
ISO 22000 certification guarantees official and independent recognition of your professional competencies. Graffiti training courses are designed to enhance your knowledge and understanding of ISO 22000 requirements and food safety best practices. Specifically, our ISO 22000 master implementer training course enables you to help, support and guide organizations to create, implement, maintain and continuously improve food safety management based on ISO 22000. It is based on internationally recognized standards and good practices.

How to start
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