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In the corporate tax preparation services sector, PERCENTAGE offers a variety of options to clients For tax consultancy as one of the most experienced companies in this sector. Proceeding from our firm goal to help our customers from joint stock companies and gain their trust in Everywhere, at PERCENTAGE we offer customized services based on the field requirements The company, its location and other influencing factors.


Compliance and periodic review of declarations Tax

We combine our long experience with the latest technology to provide our clients with customized tax services, based on mutual trust, and through which we guarantee them the maximum possible benefit. VAT services include:

General Authority Laws and Regulations

Assisting the client in completing the VAT return in accordance with the law, the expert team will assist the client by submitting periodic tax returns and related supporting documents and data and examining potential VAT non-compliance cases.
The expert team will coordinate with the relevant client department to prepare the necessary documents and submit the VAT return.

Guiding the client on the submitted value tax return and due date.

Review the movements of supplies/sales/purchases/collectibles and compare them with the VAT invoices submitted by the customer on the basis of the electronic sample. For the analysis carried out the team of experts will prepare a list of excluded operations which, in our view, need further clarification. It is presented to the client in a report for review, comment and/or correction.

The expert team will inform the client about the amount to be paid and the timing of payment. The expert team will also advise to initiate refund claims in the event of an overpayment of tax.
The consultant will clarify the effects resulting from the benefits and penalties in the event of delay in paying the value added tax.
Raise the value-added tax return on behalf of the customer through the electronic portal (in Arabic) based on the customer’s approval.
The customer is provided with a copy of the value added tax return submitted for keeping in the customer’s records. The client makes the payment and provides the consultant with the payment receipt for keeping in the records of the team of experts.
The expert team will send the details of the value-added tax declaration calculation to the customer for review, before the customer agrees to the value-added tax declaration to be forwarded later to the General Tax Authority.
Assisting the client in preparing additional requirements and their details and answering income tax inquiries related to submitted tax returns.Assisting the client in preparing additional requirements and their details and answering income tax inquiries related to submitted tax returns.

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