ISO 20000 certification

What is the ISO?
The implementation of ISO 20000 includes the company’s business, as well as the operation of services, which means many options.
ISO 20000 is one of the internationally recognized quality standards. (Learn about ISO certificates for quality and their types) It aims to manage information technology services. The standard defines how to implement IT services that are driven by and supportive of business goals – rather than just technology needs. By obtaining ISO 20000 certification, your organization will be able to obtain benefits such as: improving the company’s image and credibility, increasing customer confidence, reducing incidents and improving incident management.

Benefits of ISO 20000 certification

Competitiveness and credibility
Implementing ISO 20000 is your way to improve your company’s reputation (because you have adopted an internationally recognized standard for managing IT services), competitive advantage (because of your ability to compete with much larger and well-organized competitors), visualization and image (ISO certification, in general, improves the way you perceived by partners/suppliers and customers to the organization), credibility (eg your customers will trust you when they see that your internal organization and operations are in line with ISO 20000

By applying the ISO standard, your customers know what to expect; That is, there are clear evaluation criteria (eg, by implementing ISO 20000, they know what to expect from the change management process or incident management). In addition, ISO 20000 takes care to take into account legal or other regulations (such as security ISO (27001) and its requirements.

customers satisfaction
Is there anything better in business than a satisfied customer? Well, implementing ISO 20000 makes it much easier to control IT service delivery processes and achieve SLA targets (by defining and implementing incident and problem management processes with their respective roles and responsibilities, plus having monitoring and measurement in place). This improves the efficiency of the service management team and the organization – a fact that makes your management happy.

Let’s say you are in charge of the entire IT Service Management team. Imagine a situation where everyone is clear about who is doing what and when, processes are defined, documented and in place, the interfaces between them are clear…etc. Sounds great, right? Well, ISO 20000 provides this agility. Large companies have already gained a lot of experience in managing IT services, but small companies need an “on the spot” solution – they don’t have the time and resources to start from scratch. Furthermore, by controlling people and processes, it shouldn’t be difficult to control (and optimize) your costs.

Advantages of implementing an ISO

So, as you can see, the advantages of implementing ISO 20000 relate to both working and operational purposes. Your management understands that excellence in the provision of services (operational area) enables business excellence. Business Excellence implies customer satisfaction, as well as increased revenue and market share.

And it’s not just customers who appreciate your responsiveness and efficiency in providing IT services. Your employees will want to work in an organized and controlled environment, where they know what their job is, inputs and outputs, duplication of activities is almost zero, suppliers are under control, etc. This means greater stability of the IT service management team and cost optimization.

Our company is a team of certified experts who have successfully provided ISO Consulting in the Kuwait and delivered projects in all aspects of IT services management and quality assurance. Our clients benefit from our experience in working on audits, preparing, evaluating and implementing ISO standards, cost-benefit analyses, to train your employees in accordance with international standards.

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