ISO 14001 certification

What are the steps to obtain the ISO 14001 certificate in the Kuwait?
Obtaining ISO 14001 certification becomes easy when you choose the best ISO consulting firm in the Kuwait . Percentage is one of the best ISO Certification Consultants in the Kuwait and has a wealth of experience in helping companies meet the standard requirements to qualify for ISO EMS 14001 Certification. Our experts, ISO 14001 Certification Consultants provide support and assistance at every step through the process and make sure you get certified in the first attempt. . Our experts will provide your organization with a detailed study on the activities and quality standards of the ISO EMS certification. These ideas will help you to successfully obtain ISO 14001 EMS certification.

The steps are summarized as follows:
The first step to obtaining ISO 14001 certification involves the establishment of an EMS system according to the specifications of the ISO 14001 standard. Once this is completed, you must conduct an internal audit to identify any non-conformances and rectify them within a limited time frame before inviting an ISO quality certification body, such as Percentage certifications for the purpose of audit and accreditation. First of all, you must define the scope of your environmental management system and develop an environmental policy with the aim of meeting your legal obligations. In addition, you are required to develop mandatory processes and procedures that are important to your organization’s operations.
There are some mandatory documents for ISO 14001:2015 certification that must be maintained.
This documentation can be done in-house or by hiring a consultant for this purpose. Once you have prepared the documentation and set up the EMS, you will need to run it for a certain period and record the processes that you are running. This will help while auditing your management system.

ISO 14001 standards focus on:

– Commitment to regulatory compliance
– Prevent pollution
-Operational control to identify risks and their impact on the environment
-Measurement and control of operations
– Understand the requirements for continuous improvement of their business models and reduce pollution from the organization
– Involve leadership and engage staff to perform activities.

What are the benefits of ISO 14001:2015?

– Improve the efficiency of resource use
-Waste reduction
-Cut costs
-Ensure environmental impact measurement
-Gain a competitive advantage in supply chain design

– Increase new job opportunities
-Fulfilling legal obligations
-Increase the confidence of stakeholders and customers
– Improve environmental impact
– Manage environmental commitments with consistency

Benefits of ISO 14001 certification for organizations

-Demonstrate the organization’s commitment to reducing waste and recycling materials.
– Control costs by conserving input materials and energy.
– Increase competitive advantage when bidding for business
– Comply with the regulations of the legal environment of the country in which the organization operates.

Benefits of ISO 14001 certification for organizations

– Evidence is measured and improved for customers and stakeholders that affects the environment.
-Reassure clients interested in green credentials that they are working with an organization that promotes environmental ethics.

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